Your Passion will find You

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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs

There are so many who are inspired by this thought of living your passion , aligning your passion and work . But the million dollar question is how to find what you love doing ?

There is only one way to find out what you love doing and that is through TRIAL AND ERROR.

The fact is nobody is sure about what they like doing or what is their passion but we all have few things towards which we are inclined , but we are confused about what is that one thing which we are most passionate about and we could make a career out of it.

The only way through which we uncover what our Passion is by experimenting and actually starting to do what we think we are passionate about. This is the method of Trail and error. Follow this simple model and see how you would start uncovering your passion.

(i) Make a Guess about what you like doing ( Also research about the term Ikigai)

(ii) Start doing it , Start small , may be do it for free or may be pay for doing it , but Just start doing it. ( This is the most difficult part , Majority of the people don’t even start doing what they like doing , fearing that they may fail , they are not good enough. Overcome these thoughts and Just Do it)

(iii) There are only Two things which will happen after you complete the step (i) and step (ii) above : Either you will enjoy what you do or you will not enjoy what you do.

(iv) If you don’t enjoy what you do , then start again with Step 1

Some questions which will help you to figure out your passion

(i) What is that thing that you are ready to pursue Today and tomorrow , What is that thing that you wont mind doing till your last breath.

(ii) Imagine you live in a world where money did not exist , Then what you would be doing.

The answer to all the questions lies within , all you need is to listen and how is that possible ? when you mute the outside and hear the Inside and then your PASSION WILL FIND YOU.

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